About Michelle Ilyayev

Psychotherapist Counseling

I love what I do. I find meaning and purpose in helping others. I feel pain when I see people suffer, but I am not afraid of emotion.

In order to understand pain, we must have gone through it. I faced hardships which led me to become the devoted counselor that I am today. I am able to connect with people in a non-judgemental manner. I empower them to take risks or face challenges.

My mission is to create a counseling setting that feels safe, where you can be your authentic self while expressing complete vulnerability.

About Michelle Silver Lining

We aim to tailor our treatment approach to the needs of each individual through evidence based approaches. We believe in helping individuals build on their strengths, gain insight, and develop effective coping skills.

Our focus is to improve the lives of our clients by facilitating emotional regulation and overall wellness. Through life’s complexities, we have come to understand that no matter the struggle which life presents us, there is always a silver lining.

We believe that the counseling environment should be a safe space where you are able to be your authentic self, while expressing complete vulnerability.